A quick update for March:

The latest episode's underway, but writing took a lot longer than expected. Usually it only takes a few days to hammer out the script for a new episode, but this time I ended up getting carried away and spent a week reading about altenative approaches to arithmetic. No, that's not "alternative" like in "alternative medicine;" there really are different and equally valid approaches to performing basic arithmetic, and sometimes, they're even useful!

...Unfortunately, the extra content blossomed out of control and spun off into a script for an entirely different episode. So the good news is, now I have the script for the next two episodes written! The bad news is that I'm a week behind schedule for this episode and am only just now getting to work on the illustrations / animations, so I'm expecting episode 1.2 to come out in early April; I'll try to push for sooner.

In other news, I've been accelerating my plans for invading the internet by creating a Facebook page and Twitter account, so now instead of having to wait a few weeks to hear from me, you can get small, steady doses of me like an IV drip full of pure awesomeness! Patreon has also recently updated the layout for its creator pages, so if you'd like, you can check out the new design of my Patreon page here. And if you happen to have some loaded friends who make a habit of donating money to internet personalities, be sure to let them see it, too :-P