Episode 1.1

What do you know, I set a deadline and actually met it for once! Episode 1.1 is now online. You can check it out here, or on my Youtube channel here. I'd like to hear how I'm doing in terms of indoctrinating educating my viewers, so if you have any feedback, feel free to let me know!

I also have some new posters and songs uploaded to the Patreon page for your enjoyment (note: posters will only be visible to $2+ patrons, and songs to $5+ patrons). Enjoy!

It looks like I ought to be able to keep a steady production pace from here on. Each episode takes a few years weeks to complete, so I'm expecting Episode 1.2 to be released at some point in March. In the meantime, I'll be making regular uploads of new posters and music to the Patreon page. Stay tuned for future updates!